How 2 Play / How 2 Assemble


To set up, connect one bungee cord to each of the tube hooks and either the sandbags or anchors (depending on which version you have). Set the tubes in knee-deep or waist-deep water, 10 feet apart. The depth of the water does not matter, as long as each player is comfortable. 



General Play

  • Similar to cornhole, each game consists of two teams - 1-2 players per team
  • Teammates play on the same side, because there are opportunities to play defense
  • Each round, both members of the same team play 2 water squash balls
  • Players take turns trying to score



  • Ball through the middle of the tube = 3 points
  • Ball that hits the water and floats under the tube to land in the middle = 2 points
  • Ball that hits the tube and bounces off = 1 point


  • If a ball hits the tube and is caught by the opposing team without first touching the water, that will result in 0 points for the offensive team 


The higher scoring team must win by 2 points

  • With 4 players, the first team to reach 31 points wins
  • With 2 players, the first individual to reach 21 points wins
  • The lower scoring team is given a rebuttal round, regardless of the scoring difference