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Fun Facts About Pontoon Boats

Nothing quite says summer like a "party in slow-motion." If you've ever heard the song from the band 'Little Big Town,' you know that can be achieved with a pontoon boat. They are perfect for getting together with family and friends to just relax and have a good time. 

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Top 5 Swimming Pool Games For The Summer

    Swimming pools and summertime go hand-in-hand, as we all know. Few things can beat a day at the pool, which is why most people choose to spend their summer days hosting and attending pool parties. Furthermore, playing a pool game is the best way to add some fun to an otherwise idle day in the water...

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The Secret to Super Moist Chicken Wings

The Secret to Super Moist Chicken Wings

At the start of summer every year, I can't help but think of the pool and the grill. 

We all get hungry.  We all get cravings.  One of my favorite cravings to satisfy is grilled chicken wings.  

I have a bit of a secret that I developed years ago, and it keeps the wings extra moist, which can be a challenge at times since the grill can dry them out.  Since chicken is a meat that has to be cooked all the way through (as opposed to Beef), we sometimes try to strike that balance of keeping it moist and thoroughly cooked.  

 This is my recipe.  

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Top 3 Most Popular Swimwear Looks for Summer 2015

For most of us, it may have felt as though summertime rapidly approached this year without any warning. Like the beginning of every summer, we prepare ourselves for these upcoming hot months by going through our wardrobes to find the right selection for this season. Sandals: check. Tank tops: check. Shorts: check. But only until we need to break out the bathing suits do we realize that the bikinis and swim trunks we own are not the right size or are too outdated. Fear not, as this article will share the most popular looks in swimwear 

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SGTA Podcast Episode 29 - 5 year old gets fined, State of the Union, CFP, Marriage Counseling???

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The SGTA "Stuff Guys Talk About" featuring Rhett & Alex talking about what they know best, sports, life, and everything in between....This week, Alex & Rhett review a 5 year old who gets fined for skipping a birthday, Obama's State of the Union, the pending Super Bowl, and Marriage Counseling...

You'll have to listen to find out what's going on..

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