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The Secret to Super Moist Chicken Wings

The Secret to Super Moist Chicken Wings

At the start of summer every year, I can't help but think of the pool and the grill. 

We all get hungry.  We all get cravings.  One of my favorite cravings to satisfy is grilled chicken wings.  

I have a bit of a secret that I developed years ago, and it keeps the wings extra moist, which can be a challenge at times since the grill can dry them out.  Since chicken is a meat that has to be cooked all the way through (as opposed to Beef), we sometimes try to strike that balance of keeping it moist and thoroughly cooked.  

 This is my recipe.  

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SGTA Podcast - Episode 23 - College Football Rankings, Grocery Shopping, Whole Foods, and Fighting Kangaroos

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The SGTA "Stuff Guys Talk About" featuring Rhett & Alex talking about what they know best, sports, life, and everything in between....This week, our special guest becomes a permanent staple - Rhett - The College Football Guru. Rhett drops in to discuss the latest in College Football news with suspensions. Plus shoplifting in the NFL, Shopping Tips, Whole Foods new Ranking System and so much more...

You'll have to listen to find out what's going on..

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Whole Foods Ranking System - Whole Foods is now ranking produce...Who would want the lower grade?

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