Top Summer Songs for Your Playlist Pt. 2

By: Haley Roney

Edited by: Carly Richwagen

Last week we featured songs that you could add to your summer season playlist. This week, we're expanding on the list with even more summertime songs that are perfect for your next CornholeOnWater session at the pool or the beach!

Summertime - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

Summertime is an anthem of the season. With lyrics like, "Summer, Summer, Summertime. Time to sit back and rewind," and "The temperature's about 88. Hop in the water plug for old time's sake," this song hits all the thoughts and feelings associated with summer. This song came out in the early 90's, a year into Will Smith's Fresh Prince era. The R&B/Hip-Hop song has a relaxing vibe to it, and would be a perfect song to listen to while relaxing at the pool or the beach. The video has a laid-back feel and seems to take place at a family reunion. As a whole, the song and video seriously emphasize the importance of summer; relaxing and spending time with those important to you.

Toes - Zac Brown Band

A song about leaving the mundane life of consistency and normality of everyday life to just relaxing at the beach. The song also has a message of not letting the little things stress you out, especially when you should be enjoying life, "Not a worry in the is good today." Summertime is about destressing and, as the lyrics "Adios and vaya con dios," say, "Go with God," and enjoy your summer with your "toes in the water and ass in the sand."

Drunk on You - Luke Bryan

Drunk on You is a country song about falling in love with a girl on a summer night. The scene for the song is set in the opening lyric, "Cottonwood falling like snow in July." This song is perfect for relaxing in the back of the pickup truck or on the lake at night while you're with friends. The song mentions the high people get from the summer season. It's a time of having fun and living with no regrets! 

Some Beach - Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton's song depicts someone having a really rotten day who wishes they could be on a beach instead of dealing with things like being stuck in traffic or trying to find a parking space. It's a relatable song for anyone who would much rather be on vacation as opposed to dealing with their normal routine. It's a perfect song to play while you're driving to the beach to get you pumped up for your adventure and excitement to come! 

So, now that you have songs to help make the perfect summertime playlist, pack up the car (don't forget your CornholeOnWater set!) and head to the beach. Is there a song you wish made the list? Let us know!