Top 5 Swimming Pool Games For The Summer

Written by Amerigo Caffo

Edited by: Carly Richwagen

       Swimming pools and summertime go hand-in-hand, as we all know. Few things can beat a day at the pool, which is why most people choose to spend their summer days hosting and attending pool parties. Furthermore, playing a pool game is the best way to add some fun to an otherwise idle day in the water. Here are the top five most popular pool games that you can play with friends and family this summer:

1.) Marco Polo

       This classic swimming pool game has been played in pools across the country for decades. At least two people must be playing at any given time. However, the game becomes more fun as more people join in. One person is the designated "Marco," and that person must close their eyes and yell "Marco" to provoke a response from the other players. The other players are designated to yell "Polo" when they hear "Marco." The person yelling "Marco" moves closer to the people yelling "Polo" after every round while keeping his or her eyes closed at all times. If you get touched by the Marco, then you are out of the game. A new way to spice up this classic game is to pick a word for the Marco to say and the Polo's must rhyme with that word. The Polo's still become disqualified if they get touched, but they can also become disqualified if they fail to rhyme with the Marco's word within five seconds.

2.) Cornholeonwater

       Cornholeonwater is perfect for a day at the pool. It consists of two tubes, four water-squash balls, and connector bungees with anchors to hold the game in place. Create two teams with one to two players per team, just like in regular Cornhole. After setting up the game, choose a team to start. A video on how to play can be found at The main objective is two get to 31 points if you have two players per team, or 21 points if you have one player per team. However, you can go beyond these point values. Each team receives one point for the ball touching the tube before hitting water, two points if the ball rolls under the tube after hitting the water, and three points for sinking the ball in the center of the tube. Never go to the pool without a set!

3.) Chicken

      It is a rare occurrence to go to a pool party and not see Chicken being played. Four people can play at any given time. Two people must be standing in the water and the other two people must be on the shoulders of the people who are standing. The two people on the shoulders must lightly joust with each other while the people who are standing keep their teammates in place. The object of this game is to get your opponent into the water. With that said, it is strongly advised that you play this game safely by avoiding using any unnecessary force on your opponent. 

4.) Who can hold a handstand the longest?

       Doing a handstand in the pool is much easier than doing a handstand on land because you have the water to help balance you and break your fall. Challenge your friends by putting them up to a handstand competition: Who can hold a handstand the longest? Sink slowly under water until you are fully submerged. Then, press your palms on the floor of the pool, fingers facing outwards. Use the muscles in your arms and torso to help push your legs up in the air and out of the water. Once you are standing upside-down, hold that stance and try to not fall. Whoever is the last one standing is the winner.

5.)  Cannonball

       From kids to adults, this simple game is a big hit. First, find the deepest end of the pool. Preferably at least 5 feet deep. Get a running start from the outside of the pool and jump in. Have someone be the judge of how loud your splash is. Play with your friends to see who makes the loudest splash into the water. The winner will be named Kind of the Cannonball. 


       Pool games are not only for children. Teenagers and adults have fun playing them, as well. Most of these games do not require any preparation or materials, which makes them easy to play in the pool. Bring some friends and a good attitude and you will surely have a great time this summer!