Rain, Rain, Go Away--Best Ways to Spend A Rainy Day

       Written by Amerigo Caffo

Edited by Carly Richwagen

       Living in Florida means being prepared for all types of weather at any given time. Florida summers, though the weather remains scorching at all times, are plagued with copious amounts of rain and flooded roadways. Therefore, for about half of the summer, Floridians are left to stay indoors and ponder which activities they can partake in. 

       As unpredictable and brutal as Florida weather can be, there is an abundance of activities that you can participate in if you have free time on a gloomy day.  From painting to spin classes, there is something for every personality. 


Painting with a Twist


       Founded in 2007 after Hurricane Katrina as a way to help people de-stress, Painting with a Twist is a fun way to relax and create artwork from scratch! Painting sessions range from $35 to $45 per person, which pays for the art supplies and the class itself. However, the "twist" is that you are allowed and, quite frankly, encouraged to bring your own favorite beverage to sip on while painting. Fine wine is commonly brought in and shared amongst groups of friends and family. Whether you grab a few people or go alone, Painting with a Twist will undoubtedly be a fun experience! There are three locations in the Tampa Bay area. Make sure to check these out:

12926 North Dale Mabry Highway;  10110 Montague Street;  2821 South Macdill Avenue



       Netflix can be very persuasive on a rainy day, but that does not mean you should stay at home! In the days of Netflix and access to virtually all movies and television shows online, going out to the movies has become far less common. Well, CineBistro has taken everything that we know about movie theaters and transformed the experience into something much greater than one could ever imagine. Forget that days in which you could only order greasy nachos and popcorn before watching a movie. Now you can have a fine meal and cocktails all while watching a film! Get ready to taste quality American cuisine, with menu selections such as crab cakes, New York Strip, seared salmon, and calamari. Cocktail opportunities are endless at the fully-stocked bar and lounge. For in-theatre dining, you must arrive 30 minutes prior to the start time of the film and tickets are $13 before 4 pm and $15 after 4 pm. The price of the ticket does not include the food prices.  There are two locations in the Tampa Bay area:

6333 Wesley Grove Boulevard, Wesley Chapel; 1609 West Swann Avenue, Hyde Park Village



       If you are more into experiencing art rather than making it, then you should take a visit to the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts in Downtown Tampa. Located adjacent to Curtis Hixon Waterfront Parkat 400 North Ashley Drive, FMoPA is a small, two-floor exhibit which displays out-of-the-ordinary photographs taken by extremely talented artists. Walking through the halls and rows of photographs, nothing but silence and deep thought fills each room. Each photograph sends a message, and not every piece is meant to make viewers happy. The photographs displayed in this museum are primarily meant to make us take a step back from the busy world and take what we can from each photograph, whether it is a message or a new perspective. Hours of visitation vary, so visit their website at fmopa.org. 


SoHo Cycling Studio

       Located at 2019 West Kennedy Boulevard, SoHo Cycling Studio is for those who are willing and determined to get fit. Though you do not have to be an experienced cycler to participate in a class, it is meant for those who want to build their endurance. Put on your gym attire and bring plenty of water, because you will sweat a lot! Cycling studios are great for rainy days because not only are you able to follow through with your daily bike ride while indoors, but you also get to do it in a group setting. Meeting people in spin class is a great way to form a support group and keep you motivated to obtain your goals. Challenge yourself to do the best you can! Individual classes start at just $15, but you can also reserve package deals from $60 to $170. Check out their website at sohocyclingstudio.com.


       Even though there is nothing more disappointing than having to cancel your plans because of the weather, these activities will hopefully keep you occupied and entertained while waiting to get back to your original plans. We highly encourage you to use this as a guide on any day you want to try something new, whether in rain or shine. You might even pick up a new hobby or interest along the way!