5 Things To Do On a Sandbar

Written By: Haley Roney

Edited By: Carly Richwagen

Going to the beach doesn't necessarily mean you have to stay in deep water. There is just as much fun and excitment on land as on the sandbar. It may not be a place to grab a drink at the bar, but you can have the best of both worlds being near the water and keeping your feet dry. Check out this post for ways to have fun next time you find yourself caught on a sandbar!


1) Fishing


Stand on the sandbank and cast your line! Seabass are usually attracted to sandbanks, so it's the perfect place to catch some for dinner, or if you prefer fishing just for fun, catching and releasing. Fishing is also a relaxing sport to take part in, so if you can find a secluded place on the sandbar, it's a good way to clear your mind and be at peace. It's also a sport that can be done virtually any time during the day. 



2) Play CornholeOnWater 

It's a perfect place to play CornholeOnWater, especially if your set has anchors for the beach. Invite your family and closest friends to make a day of it.  If there are other people around, invite them to join in on the competitive fun! 

If you're not sure what CornholeOnWater is, it's a fun twist on regular cornhole but played in the water. It allows you to play at the beach, lake or pool. It even has cupholders for your drinks so you'll have your hands free when it's your go to throw the water-squash balls. 


3) A Picnic


As the tide goes down and the sandbar is visible, enjoy a nice meal while the listening to the waves and background noise of the area. Having a picnic will make it so you won't have to cut your beach trip short to fix your hunger. So, pack your favorite deli meat and bread and your favorite chips, fill a cooler with drinks and enjoy. Make sure you bring a blanket or towel to sit and eat on so your food doesn't get sandy!

4) Seashell Hunting

Bring out the kid in you and look around for seashells. Take a stroll down the beach and see what you can find; maybe start a seashell collection. Don't just limit yourself to seashells, either. Take a look for sand dollars, shark teeth, and sea glass. If you're into crafts, collect things to use for making decorations, jewelry, gifts or anything you can think of. 

5) Suntan

Lay out a towel and soak up the sun's rays (don't forget the sunscreen!). Bring your favorite pair of sunglasses and maybe a book to keep yourself entertained. If you get tired of soaking in the sun try carrying along an umbrella to put up when you're done with the sun, but still want to relax and lay out.


Enjoy your summer the right way, and do one or all of the things on this list! Is there anything else you like to do when on a sandbar? Let us know in the comments!