Four 4th of July Favorites, with a Twist!

Written By: Haley Roney

Edited By: Carly Richwagen

Fourth of July is a time for celebration and fun! If you’re cooking out and relaxing at the pool waiting for the spectacular fireworks to start, spruce up your menu with one, or all four of these tasty grilled recipes!

1) Blue Cheese and Bacon Cheeseburgers


Bacon is America’s favorite foods, so it makes sense that it be included in a holiday all about the celebration of America! These burgers are delicious and simple to make. Dice up some bacon and fry it up, then drain the grease. While the bacon is cooking, go ahead and make your hamburger patties, and split them in half so that each patty becomes two thin patties. In the center of one of the two slices, add some crumbled blue cheese and some bacon pieces, then tightly press the two patties together. Make sure they are pressed together well so they don’t fall apart. Now your burgers are ready to be grilled! If you’re not a fan of blue cheese, go ahead and add your favorite! For another twist, make some delicious bacon infused burgers by adding chopped bacon to the burger meat, or add things like mushrooms and sausage for a flavor that’s sure to leave your taste buds watering. This cheeseburger is sure to be a hit at your 4th of July party! 

2) Cheese Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs


These hotdogs have the flavor cooked right into every bite, so condiments aren’t needed. Cut your hotdogs down the middle, but don’t cut to the end. Stuff with your favorite type of cheese and then wrap the hotdog with two pieces of bacon and secure it together with a toothpick. Then grill until your hotdog until it is cooked to your preference. The grilled bacon will add a delicious and salty crunch and the combination of cheese, hotdog, and bacon will leave your mouth watering for more. 

3) Whisky Burgers


Two items that are great on their own, are even better when you put them together! This recipe will add a fun twist to your 4th of July festivities. Flavor your burgers with a mix of booze and garlic. Pour about ¼ cup of whisky in a shallow bowl and add three chopped garlic cloves. Leave the raw hamburger patty in the dish for about 15 minutes and then flip it over and let it sit for another 15 minutes. This will give your burger the perfect whisky flavor and allow the meat to come to room temperature before they’re grilled. Cook the burgers on the grill to your desired temperature. Once they’re done, add your favorite burger toppings and enjoy!

4) Grilled Beer Bratwurst


If you prefer brats to hotdogs, this recipe will leave your taste buds satisfied. Put 24 oz. of beer, or any alcohol of your choice, and your bratwursts into a saucepan and bring to a boil. Take the brats out of the alcohol and let them sit for about 30 minutes. Next, heat them through on the grill and enjoy those wonderful grill marks. Try topping with some chopped onions marinated in the same alcohol used for your brats for a little extra flavor. 



Have a happy and safe 4th of July with these delicious grilled recipes along with your favorite poolside drink, some great family and friends, and some Cornholeonwater!