The Secret to Super Moist Chicken Wings


Summertime Fun wtih the Pool, Chicken Wings, and Cornholeonwater

Written by:  Alex Richwagen

Edited by:  Carly Richwagen

Summertime, Lounging by the Pool

Summertime, Lounging by the Pool

At the state of summer every year, I can't help but think of the pool and the grill.  

We all get hungry.  We all get cravings.  One of my favorite cravings to satisfy is grilled chicken wings.  

I have a bit of a secret that I developed years ago, and it keeps the wings extra moist, which can be a challenge at times since the grill can dry them out.  Since chicken is a meat that has to be cooked all the way through (as opposed to Beef), we sometimes try to strike the balance of keeping it moist and thoroughly cooked.  

This is my receipe.  

I'll buy whole chicken wings and thaw them (in case you buy them frozen) as I recommend fresh wings.  I put them in a glass microwavable bowl and coat them with a simple marinade such as soy sauce, worcheshire sauce, Italian dressing, Montreal chicken seasoning, salt and pepper, and a little garlic powder.   After throughly coating them, I place plastic wrap over the bowl and stick them in the fridge.  After letting them sit in the fridge for an hour, I take them out.  

Here's my secret. 

I microwave the wings before putting them on the grill.  Yes, that's right.  The key isn't to cook them all the way through, we just want to get them started or half-cooked.  Depending on how many wings there are will influence the cooking time.  6 minutes for 6 wings or less, 8 minues for 7-12 wings, and 10 minutes for anything over 12 wings.  I'm telling you, if you use this method that your wings will alwasy be juicy.  Now, they are officially ready for the grill.  

Heat your grill to the lowest heat setting to go low and slow.  Cook the wings at 5-8 minutes a side, just to get the char and grill flavor baked in.  Next, pull them off, let stand for 5-10 minutes.  

Grilled Buffalo Wings

Grilled Buffalo Wings

Put the wings in another bowl, toss with Frank's Wing Sauce, fresh minced garlic, and that's all.  Serve with ranch or bleu cheese and celery or carrots.  Trust me, you will taste the most amazing, juicy, moist, and fully cooked wings you've ever had from the grill.  

They have just enough of the classic buffalo flavor from the buffalo sauce, but better grill taste, and a bit healthier without the deep fryer. 

The next time you find yourself by a pool (and a Cornholeonwater game) with a grill and crave chicken wings, go ahead and try this.  Trust me, it's amazing.