Top 3 Most Popular Swimwear Looks for Summer 2015

Top 3 Most Popular Swimwear Looks for Summer 2015

Written by: Amerigo Caffo

Edited by: Carly Richwagen


            For most of us, it may have felt as though summertime rapidly approached this year without any warning. Like the beginning of every summer, we prepare ourselves for these upcoming hot months by going through our wardrobes to find the right selection for this season. Sandals: check. Tank tops: check. Shorts: check. But only until we need to break out the bathing suits do we realize that the bikinis and swim trunks we own are not the right size or are too outdated. Fear not, as this article will share the most popular looks in swimwear for this summer.



Whether your style leans more towards bikinis or one-pieces, there is always a way to remain fashion-forward and comfortable in the water this year. 

1.)   Geometrical look (Triangl Bikini,  


            If you have been to the beach, pool, or on social media at least once this summer, you most likely have seen this look. Triangl has changed the game of swimwear for women across the world. What makes them so popular and unique is the geometry and color scheme of each set. The different patterns in a typical Triangl bikini set create an abstract look that is sure to capture everyone’s attention. The pastel and neon colors that every piece displays reflects beautifully in the water. Pink, yellow, green, and purple are just a few of the colors that their sets have to offer. The bikini set above is priced at $99, but other sets are priced as low as $79. 

2. Floral look (Express Bikini)

he theme for summer 2015 is color, color, and more color. This floral look by Express satisfies just that. Bright hibiscus flowers with an electric blue background make for a statement that surely will not be missed. This set is usually priced at $34.90, but it is now on sale for $24.43 online. 

3. Strapless One-piece look (Victoria’s Secret

f you want to change it up a bit from the typical bikini look, a one-piece suit is the perfect choice. This strapless one-piece by Victoria’s Secret took a classic, timeless look and made it versatile enough for everyday swimming. This suit fits tightly around the waist and comes in a slimming black. Usually priced at $58.50, it is now on sale for $44 online. 




Long gone are the days of board shorts that go below the knees. This summer, the most popular style for guys is the short-shorts look. Rather than having long shorts which may weigh you down in the water, more people are realizing that shorter swim trunks are more comfortable. At the same time, these next three looks make bold fashion statements that will surely warrant a double-take.


1. Printed Slim Fit look 

The shorter, the better. These 4” board shorts create a slimming fit that will make anyone wearing them look and feel great. Parke & Ronen offer this style in a variety of colors and patterns, which makes it easy for people with different style personalities to choose one that fits them the best. This particular look is priced at $120. Also, if you order online, you receive free domestic ground shipping on all orders.


2. Paisley look

Before you shy away from this paisley look, you must get the stereotype out of your head. Do not think of paisley as a style that only middle-aged businessmen wear. Paisley has become a very retro and stylish look now, and these board shorts say it all. Cutting just above the knee, they are not too short, but not too long. For people who like a little bit more length added to their board shorts, this is the perfect style. These paisley shorts display an intricate pattern and makes for a relaxed beach look. The blue paisley pattern on top of the white background gives a Mediterranean feel to it. These particular shorts are priced at $85, but Nordstrom has marked them down to $56.94 with free shipping and free returns.


3. Horizontal stripes look 

When in doubt, go with stripes! This pattern adds a little more excitement to your look than simply wearing one color, and that is what makes it fun. Pair these shorts with a white t-shirt, brown sandals, and you are ready for the beach. This simple yet classic look has been making reappearances at all beaches this summer, and you will surely feel comfortable in its microfiber material. These shorts are available on Zappos for $28.

Now that you have seen the hottest looks in swimwear for this summer, it is time to go shopping while playing Cornholeonwater! Save this article on your phone for reference while you shop online or in the stores. You can be reassured that you will find a look that best suits your style and attitude. But most importantly, you will feel comfortable and free at the beach this summer. Now go make a statement!