Where did CornholeOnWater Start?

My brother and I have been going on Lake Conway, Orlando, FL ever since we were kids.  On Big Lake Conway, there is a pretty significant sand bar where everyone on the lake that has a boat or jet ski parks to hang out.  This is where it all started several years ago.  

For years we would go out there, looking for something to do, some game to play, and ultimately decided we wanted to bring cornhole (bean bag toss) with us on the lake, after being introduced to it by Joel's (now) wife, Sarah.  The game started out by the three of us crushing beer cans with different targets.  We kept iterating the game until we settled on something closer to what CornholeOnWater has become.  The more we showed the games to friends, the more they kept telling us to do something with it. The game is a direct reflection of our company motto. 

Create products or games so people can enjoy being in the water, just a little bit more than today.  

We hope you enjoy the game!